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Volume 5, Fall 2006

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1. LITTLE THINGS - James Twyford and Alex Feakes (2005, 4:45)
Four-year-old Chloe sees a man shoplifting and asks her mum if she can "shop like the man." Mum--distracted and on the phone-agrees, only learning what has happened when they're stopped at the check-out. The security guard asks Chloe to identify the man she was copying, but, preferring the dapper thief to the greasy security guard, she pretends he has gone. As Chloe and embarrassed mum leave the store, the thief gives Chloe a small reward for her help.

2. DIRT - Chel White (1998, 4:00)
A man's strange obsession with dirt starts as a childhood game, but eventually manifests itself on a most surreal level. The dark, expressionistic images create an allegory for individuality and self-sufficiency, in this off-beat ecological parable. Written and narrated by Joe Frank. Starring Evan Knapp. "A post-modem Invasion of the Body Snatchers." --Christine Vachon

3. GRAND LUNCHEONETTE - Peter Sillen (2005, 5:00)
Peter Sillen is a New York-based documentary filmmaker. Working mainly in 16mm film, Sillen creates portraits of an array of individuals who live and work outside the stereotypical nine-to-five environments. With a low-tech approach to documentary film and sensitivity to its subjects and their environment, Sillen's work gives an unobstructed view into the lives of uniquely talented artists and trade workers.

4. THE LEGEND OF BLACK TOM - Deron Albright (2005, 16:00)
On December 18, 1810, freed American slave Tom Molineaux fought for the bare-knuckle boxing championship against renowned British champion Tom Cribb. While written history records Cribb as the winner, THE LEGEND OF BLACK TOM tells the popular version of what happened that day. The film speaks not only to the facts of the day, but also to how we tell our own stories and how actual events become secondary to the power of memory.

5. NOEL - Hope Tucker (2005, 5:00)
Hope Tucker was born in Memphis in 1974 and in 2000 began THE OBITUARY PROJECT, an expanding work of elegiac films and videos which sometimes takes the form of installations and web animations.

Sara Zia Ebrahimi has been involved in social justice-based independent media productions for over a decade, working with groups such as the Civic Media Center, Paper Tiger TV, and the Prometheus Radio Project. In addition to creating her own short films as an MFA candidate in Temple University's Film and Media Arts program, she serves on the board of the Philadelphia Independent Film and Video Association and as a documentarian for the Anti-Displacement Solidarity Committee that focuses on affordable housing issues in the Philadelphia area.

7. YOU, STARBUCKS - Jennifer Levonian (2006, 2:05)
Jennifer Levonian is an artist living in Philadelphia. Her work explores the possibility of finding beauty or redemption in the spaces we occupy on a day-to-day basis. This stop-motion animation was made by taking digital stills of paintings, drawings, and collage.

8. SOMETHING RUBBER, SOMETHING GLUE - Jen Schneider (2006, 14:30)
In developing the script for this film, I wanted to focus on young girls practicing for the "real thing." I chose two sisters as the principle characters because of the tensions around intimacy and territory that make this relationship volatile, particularly during adolescence. I also wanted to articulate, through camera work especially, something about the experience of being alone--of being in private, doing private things.

9. BAND OF SISTERS - Joel Fendelman (2005, 8:00)
Originally from Miami, Joel graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2004. He first touched upon filmmaking through his exploration of trick rollerblading and in produc�ing videos about it. His short film debut, THE BOX, premiered at the Cannes International Film Festival and then traveled the international film circuit. Joel has produced a number of other nationally recognized short films and documentaries, including TUESDAY, PAINTER OF THE LAND, and WRITING THROUGH. BAND OF SISTERS is Joel's sixth short film.

10. REVERIES FROM CISTAE MEMORIA - Phillip Hastings (2005, 10:35)
Phil Hastings is a former director of the Big Muddy Film Festival. He currently teaches video art at Kenyon College. This film draws on cabinets of curiosity and pre-cinema optical toys as metaphors for the storage and playback of memories. An interest in the sciences inspired the use of fabricated Linnaean classifications to describe the steps in memory creation, transfor�mation, and storage. Sound design for the film was by Josh Gumiela.